Q: What is Food Tidings?

A: Food Tidings is an online tool that helps people to organize the efforts of friends and family for the purpose of bringing meals or some kind of "coordinated help" to someone at a time in life when it will mean so much.

Q: Who should get a Food Tidings?

A: Anyone you love or care about who is going through a time of need or someone you want to help ease the load for during a specific timeframe. These occasions may center on a something joyous or something difficult/solemn.

For example, someone you care about:

  • just had a new baby
  • just began treatment for leukemia
  • been ordered to bed rest
  • recovering from surgery
  • is a single mother in the later stages of cancer
  • is grieving the death of a loved one
  • has just moved in to a new home
  • is dealing with a chronic illness
  • has just had their spouse deployed
  • is in need of appreciation for their hard work
  • has just taken in a foster child

We would be honored to hear your story and how Food Tidings has helped. It can be a huge encouragement to many other people who use Food Tidings to hear from someone who is going through similar circumstances. Please consider emailing us at stories@foodtidings.com or sharing on our Facebook page.

Q: How does Food Tidings work?

A: First, someone recognizes a person or a family in need, decides they will be the organizer, signs up on Food Tidings and then creates a meal schedule through the easy step-by-step process. In the final step, the organizer invites friends and family to participate through email.

Q: If I sign up for a day to bring a meal, will I be reminded ahead of time?

A: Yes. Food Tidings will send you a reminder 2 days before you are scheduled via email.

Q: Can I use Food Tidings in other ways?

A: Yes. The sky's the limit. Here are other creative ways that people use Food Tidings to help out and celebrate:

  • Snack schedules for sports teams, bible studies, girl/boy scout troops, etc.
  • Classroom volunteer sign ups for the month
  • Schedule for other ways to serve someone, e.g. childcare, yard work, house cleaning, driving them to/from doctor appointments, etc.
  • A few parents created a year long schedule and put it up as a prize at a silent auction to raise money for their child’s school (whoever won that prize had a meal delivered to them every week for a year)
  • Children of elderly parents set up a schedule for each of them to bring dinner and eat with them weekly
  • One husband, for his wife’s birthday, invited friends and family to sign up to send his wife an encouraging card so she would receive a card twice a week for the next 5 months (one for every year of her life)

We love to hear these stories! Please email us at stories@foodtidings.com, or post on our Food Tidings Facebook page and let us know the creative ways you use Food Tidings.

Q: Can I sign up on the Food Tidings website for someone to create a schedule for me?

A: No. A Food Tidings meal schedule is only created when someone wants to help someone else and decides to initiate a meal schedule on behalf of that person/family; then, invites people to join them.

Food Tidings is simply the online tool to help facilitate the process, we do not create schedules or invite people directly.

If you are interested in having a schedule created on behalf of yourself, we suggest that you forward Food Tiding's website to a friend or family member and let them know about this 'great tool you've discovered!' They'll most likely appreciate the suggestion on how to help.

Cancellation / Meal Order Policy:

Quality Guarantee

Our Partners’ Guarantee, if a recipient receives anything that arrives spoiled or damaged it will be replaced at our expense. Any meals you try that do not meet your satisfaction will either be credited or replaced in your next order.


Meals may be cancelled up to 15 days before target delivery date, by directly using the Partner’s contact information on your receipt or confirmation email. Refunds will be processed within the next billing cycle.

Delivery Date Change

The delivery date for a meal may be changed up to 4 business days before target delivery date; changes must be made directly using the Partner’s contact information on your receipt or confirmation email.